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Summer, What Summer?

The weather has not been inspiring any dreams of sitting poolside, at least not without a sweatshirt. Could it be another summer without sun? School has been out for nearly a week and my room still looks like a bomb went off inside. On the last day of school I realized that I just wasn’t going to be able to shove everything in the closet and head out at the end of the day. Instead I tracked down a custodian and asked when I really had to be “out” of the room.  “August.” Suddenly the month of June was my oyster. I’m going through the file cabinets and weeding out all the 9th/10th grade crap, duplicates and just plain crap, while organizing it all into some organizational pattern. All those folders full of something mixed together – unmixed and filed correctly. And I finally expanded the drawers for AP into three! I can actually pull stuff without risking a nasty paper cut. I have many, many graphic organizers (not including the dusty binders sitting in the bottom of my closet) and a lo…

Want to freak out?

Estimate how much money you will need to send your kid to college here.  Apparently to send my two kids to college I will approximately $175,000 for an in-state, state university.And I though day care was expensive.

New Administration

Yesterday our Principal resigned. We all knew this was coming, but change is never easy. And with an adversarial relationship between teachers who think about students as kids and administrators who view students as dollars and data, who knows what will happen. Then there is old caveat of hiring principals during the summer... that only the bad ones are left. Not exactly inspiring confidence, but hope springs eternal. 

Meanwhile, back on the farm, I'm going through all my files and weeding. Last year I hastily toss files into boxes and promptly forgot about them. I didn't even open two of them. That usually means they are candidates for the trash bin. But, lucky me! I'll be teaching English 11 next year and hopefully something in those boxes will be helpful. The first thing I found was a early fall semester assignment used in my AP class. I was very upset last September when I couldn't find it and had to do a g*ogl* search to find another copy of the text. And that is…

End of the Year To Do List

Grade finals/AR/Writers’ NotebooksClean off wallsClean out Closet/Shove everything back insideToss old papersDraw map of classroom furnitureCollect Summer Assignment Contractsback up files from computerprint out assignment and syllabus for AP InstitutePrint out grade bookCollapse at home


I don't know why this year seems to be getting away from me... but it totally is. Yesterday I realized that I had not even started the order for next year's supplies! And I'm going to have to bag elections for the club I'm advisor for - I just don't have time for it and no one else seems to really care at this point. Yesterday was the basically the last day for the seniors and I'm already bummed. It's sad to think that these kids I've watched growing up for the past four years will gone and for most, I'll never see again. I can't remember if I was this sad last year? I think I was more consumed with other things and just relieved that the end was near. One more week to go and then I'm free to pee when I want, read when I want, go to the gym (stop laughing - I'm going to get a trainer. maybe.), build a new curriculum. again. If only the sun would shine for more than a day.

Summer Fun

With only a few more days until summer, I'm already gone in my mind... Grading? what is that anyways?

Just a quick list of things I've already started planning:

Story Time @ the library swimminggardeningmaking play doughvisit popparide a merry-go-roundwash the cargo to the beachwater park4th of July Partymake bubbles sun printsfinger paintingsidewalk chalksprinklercounty fairfamers marketcampingdig for dinosaursbirthday parties!!pick strawberries hikingplay datesmini golfoutside moviesplay with Uncle JamesFun with cousinsIt's quite a list! and doesn't include all the things currently on MY list. But we are going to attempt to get all of them done and have a rollicking good time. Now if only the weather would cooperate. It looks nice out there, but it's barely sixty with a strong cold sea breeze. Plus it keeps raining every other hour... not the best summer preview.