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More House Projects

It's strange - I actually feel like a more well-rounded person with all sorts of responsibilities and plans for my house. I don't even feel guilty for not doing anything to do with school for last 48 hours.

I spent the weekend painting the kitchen walls and covering the hideousness that was the blue counter top from hell. At first the green wasn't quite... well, it wasn't working for me. But I forged on and it grew on me. I was really surprised how well the counters turned out, especially given their former state.

As you can see from the photo below, it was stained, cracking and generally spending a lot of time as a bacteria factory. Removing the switch plates revealed much crusty-dirty something. I decided that it wasn't worth dwelling upon. Would you believe it's vinyl peel-n-stick tile? I've read about it being done a few places on HGTV and one of my cousins said his kitchen counters were vinyl tiled and it seemed to work. As soon as all the little awkward…

Another Cool Activity

A collegue described this activity to me... I'm still looking for the right moment to use it.


In a group, students choose the key moments in a story that can be used to describe the story. The group then plans out a group "snap-shot" position to illustrate each key moment. The group then gets up in front of the class. The teacher instructs the rest of the class (audience) to close their eyes. The performing group gets into position to illustration the first key moment. The audience is then instructed to open their eyes for approx. 40 seconds and then close them again. The performing group then arranges themselves to illustrate the next key moment. The audience then opens their eyes to view the new position and so on, until the story is told.

It sounds like great fun and something that could be the most hysterical event of the day.


As part of my quest to make Shakespeare the coolest thing since sliced bread... I taught my students how to do the Pavane. When Romeo first sees Juliet, they're at her family's annual fest. Everyone is dancing except for Romeo, until he sees Juliet. Then he rushes out to get near her. Usually, this scene is portrayed as Romeo and Juliet dancing, ultimately moving to dance with each other. However, this concept is a little hard to understand while reading the play, especially by today's students. They also have a hard time grasping the concept of dancing without a lot of touching or grinding. Dancing the Pavane, makes the concept a little more real to them.

Plus it's not sitting and reading, which always a favorite of every student.

Which is worse?

The kid who seems to delight in calling everyone "fag," "faggot" or "Queer" for 20 minutes straight or the kid who yells at "fuck you!" Me too. What was surprising was the number of students who were shocked as to which one went to office.

In covering a class for another teacher, Mr. F-U wrote a 5 paragraph essay on why he was not participating in the class. The assignment for the class was to answer 6 questions out of the book... guess which one was more work? The essay was really entertaining though.

The Return

Earlier this year, a student tried to bribe me for a passing a grade. He did it front of a room full of witnesses, so I wasn't taking it all that seriously. I told him if he gave me an pack of Seattle's Best French Roast. Monday, he brought it to class - presenting it to me in front of the class.
It's still sitting on my desk. Staring at me. Is it a bribe? Knowing that I wouldn't trade a grade for coffee... even for a favorite. Is it a gift, given under the guise of pretending to bribe the teacher? I have a feeling that this sack of coffee beans is going to be sitting on my desk for the rest of my teaching career. A silent warning to watch what I say, because you never know what the students will take seriously.

Completed Cabinets

As promised, the completed cabinets full of dishes. One thing I hadn't thought about before putting stuff away was the color balance. How to balance the copper with silver and the lilac colored mugs. I ended up putting a antique tea tin between the white corian dishes - it was too much unbroken white. Not the ordinary thing one thinks about when arranging cupboards.
Before taking off all the doors, this corner blocked out all the light from the sliding door and the view into the dining area. You felt clostrophobic standing in the kitchen, with your back to the open. Without even painting the cupboards a lighter color, it felt more open without the doors on - however, I'm still mulling over their complete removal. On this side, I arragned the clear crystal dishes and glasses I received from my Grandmother. No blocking of light, and keeps that open feeling. Now on to the next question...What to do with the counter tops? Not only are they ugly, blue and hiddeously stained, but the…

Moving, Painting and Unpacking.

Finally sitting in my house, just hanging out. For the past 4 days I've been painting, unpacking, arranging and winding my way around a multitude of boxes.

Before unpacking anything, it seemed more prudent to start all of the painting. (for all those who said "paint is cheap!", it's not). I removed the 1950's style cabinet doors. I like wood, but this is too yellow. Refinishing may come later, but for now it's too much work.

After painting the insides, (make sure that Kilz is oil based!) we put away the dishes. I'm hoping to get the counter covered this weekend and will post a completed photo then. At some point, the walls will be painted a light green color to give some color to the room.

The bedroom was light chocolate color - kinda like hot chocolate... but way to dark for a room with only small high windows. It definately had a cave like atmosphere.

The focal wall is painted "Asparagus," the other three walls are painted "Wild Honey."…

Homeless Day 3

As with most homeless people... I'm at the library using their internet connection. It's possible that I might have one on the 8th, but then again, anything is possible. It's the probablity that gets to you. Even though all the papers were signed on Friday - after business hours by the sellers, thank you very much - they refused to let me in early. My reply could only be "fuck you very much." Needless to say, come Monday one employee of the school district will begin to gain the reputation as selfish bitch... and for once, it won't be me.

When will I actually move in? No idea. I certainly can't believe anything that anyone tells me because as mentioned before, the entire financial business sector is apparently filled with vengeful, unprofessional children. And they wonder why no one will come to their birthday parties.