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You thought I was catching up on work?

Christmas Break

It's finally here!!! Not that I was counting down or anything. For the first time, I woke up without anything hanging over my head. No grading, planning, AP audits, Pro-cert assignments... everything could be put off. I can be totally lazy without really procrastinating anything. The thought of what I could do (or not do) is somewhat intoxicating. I can paint that door in my kitchen with chalkboard paint. I crochet an afghan. I can paint, read, nap, take the dog on a hike (well, it's raining... so probably not). I'm thinking of making chowder, after going to the Y and the grocery store. And stopping at the hardware store for the last christmas present!

Visit to Santa

Originally uploaded by Hedgetoad.
Yes, we went to see Santa yesterday! Somebody was being a very good and friendly dog in the store because Santa was watching... we did have a bit of an issue with two very large german shephards, but they soon proved to be the ill-behaved ones when they left two HUGE piles next to the cash register.

One of us has also been on her best behavior for fear of surprise baths. Shockingly, no one seems to appreciate what a good roll in fresh dog poop will do for one's complexion, except dogs. In fact, when humans realize you've been rolling in poop, they drag you to the nearest bath tub and force water and soap all over you. Oh, the indignity!

Santa was given a list of various squeeky toys. The louder the better.