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Books and more Books

Via Se Hace Caminar Al Andar (via Huff English)

For books that you have read, put the title in bold. Books you want to read go in italics. Books you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole are struck out. Books on your bookshelf are underlined. Books you have never heard of are preceded with a ? question mark. Books you’ve seen a movie or TV version of are preceded with # a pound mark. Books you have blogged about are preceded with an ! exclamation point. Books you’re indifferent to have no text decoration. Books you loved are starred *. To sum up:

* Books I’ve read
* Books I want to read
* Books I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole
* Books on my bookshelves
* ? Books I’ve never heard of
* # Books I’ve seen in movie or TV form
* ! Books I’ve blogged about
* Books I’m indifferent to
* * Books I loved

1. The Essential 55 (Ron Clark)
2. In the Middle (Nancie Atwell)
3. ?Possible Lives (Mike Rose)
4. With Rigor for All (Carol Jago)
5. **The English Teacher’s Companion (Jim Burke)
6. The Freedom Writers Diary

T-3.5 weeks

You know, it's been a very busy year... why did no one send me a reminder that the WASL is only 3 weeks way? I'm in the middle of a novel for cripes sakes... with really slow reading classes. Who don't do homework. Thank goodness for StemStar! Now I can torture all my students with WASL type questions that force them to show how they're thinking. I'm sure they'll all be very happy. I can see their smiling faces now...

A New Beginning

The new semester began this past week. Unusually, there was a lot of movement... core classes do not generally experience this, but WASL has changed all of that. The new WASL inspired Math program goes in a series of courses, broken down by semester. It was decided in December that those who weren't going pass the first semester would not go on to the second semester. This meant that they had to removed from their class and placed into a newly created one. Since approximately half of our freshman fail, it was quite a shift.

Yeah, half of our freshman fail their core classes first semester. Why? Middle school. In middle school, the student can sit for two years, doing nothing and move on with their class. Many assume that this policy continues in high school. For some, it's just habit to sit and watch the world go by. Others are too busy hooking up with members of the opposite sex or gossiping about those who do. Whatever the reason, they're genuinely shocked to find out th…