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School Supplies

One thing that always hits the teacher's budget is "school clothes." I bargain shop. Last night, I bought a really nice skirt for $5 (was $44!!!) and two nice type t-shirts to go with it. They were $6 each... yes, the t-shirts cost more than the skirt. JCPenny's is having one rocking sale at the moment. I've also gotten great bargains at Christopher and Banks - we call it the "teacher store" because they sell A LOT of thematic sweaters with all sorts of crap sewn on. All seasonally appropriate. If you teach elementary school and haven't been in, you are crazy! Check the clearance rack. I've found slacks for $3/pair and sweaters for $5 (normally $50). I've heard good things about Nordstrom Rack, but there isn't one anywhere near me. FWIW, Gap Kids clearance rack has shocking bargains as well.

The one place I don't shop are discount stores (KMart, Wal-Mart, ShopKo). Although the clothing is cheaper on an average day, I've found that…

One Week Left

Next week will be the final week of summer school... I thought I was looking more forward to it than I did I the end of the school year, but then I looked at my class lists for the upcoming year. I'm afraid... really, really afraid. Where is my optimism? Where is my excitement?

It fled at the sight of one class list. Does this mean I'm heading for a burn out? What does the third year bring? Besides stress, I mean. Help calm my fears...

FWIW - still loving the writing module; still bored with the reading module. I think forcing students to do the reading module day after day borders on cruel and unusual punishment.

Question - If your parents pay for you to go to summer school, at a price that is not "pin-money" in this local economy... and you choose not to complete assignments, not listen to instructions and act like a big idiot, why is it my fault you're grounded?

School Supplies

Several bloggers have noted that school supply sales are in full swing. While this may depress some, for me it means I can get my shop on for cheap. As I mentioned last year, July is the time for school supply shopping. Come August, you'll be paying full price thinking that it's a sale price...

Target is one again offering 10-pack of 70-page notebooks for 1$. Also, 8-ct/mechanical pencils for 1$. 6 pack-glue sticks for 1$. 24ct/pencils or pens, 2 for 1$

Last week Staples had 8 ct. pencils/1 cent (!) and 3-ring folders also for 1 cent (perfect for photo copied "how-to" books for student work). They also had a 12 pack of multicolored felt tip markers (the good ones) for free with rebate. They'll be great for grading, since the red pen has been eliminated. And free is always in my price range.

Although no one wants to think about school as of yet - keep an eye on the flyers. You never know when you'll hit upon a great bargin that will save you a headache in Januar…

Summer School - Week One

Friday completed the first week of summer school. Is it what I expected? well.... yes and no.

I only have one group of students - 16 students total. That makes grading a little easier. I say "little" because even though there are only 16 students, the state writing module has them writing 4 essays this week. It should have been 5, but we skipped a day because the time frames are little arduous. One student complained that we had done a week's worth of assignments on the first day.

The class is geared for "level 2s" and very WASL oriented. However, I think there are only 4 out of the 16 who are eligible to take the WASL in August. Another 6 will take it for the first time in April 2007 and are taking this course for credit retrieval. The remaining 6 don't need the WASL for graduation, but do need an English credit. So kids, here's a warning. If you fail an english class, you'll get a solid month of WASL test taking. Talk about motivation against apathy…

4th of July

4th of July,
originally uploaded by Hedgetoad. Happy Fourth! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday's festivities!

Keavy and I are huddled in a dark room, with a loud TV and a running dryer less than 5 feet away - one of us loves fireworks and the other is so terrified that she has in fact, huddled, shivering next to my leg. One of us is a little bit worried about the other developing an attachment problem... even the fear of bathtubs hasn't stopped the insessant huddling. I'll be glad when all the fireworks stands are closed down.

Looking for birds to chase...

Looking for birds to chase,
originally uploaded by Hedgetoad. Yesterday was Keavy's first experience at the beach. Prior to training school, all attempts had to be abandoned due to excessive "loosing my shit" behavior. The sheer number of birds available to be chased down drove Keavy into freenzy and I was terrified that either I would loose her or that she would unknowingly plunge into the surf and be sucked out to sea in the horrendous rip tides that make up the WA coast.

But, as I said, she did really well. We went to Pacific Beach, which is much less crowded, so there were fewer distractions.

She did pick up some seaweed (probably thinking it was some sort of toy), but she rapidly learned that this was not a good idea. Plus the water was a tad too salty for her liking - unlike small children, Keavy realized this after only one taste. She also showed no interest in the dead crabs. Maybe this fall we can head back sans leash...

I survived my AP training. It did get bette…