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Is it rude for someone to put a link to your blog on their blog... but make their's password protected and not include you? I'm a little annoyed.

Summer School

Summer school starts next week for me. This year the class is considerably smaller, but if they're willing to pay, I'm willing to show up.

Why is the class so small? Did we suddenly get an influx of kids who cared to pass? Alas, no. This year our Superintendent decided to launch his online learning school. They're offering about 25 courses, including ones we don't normally have like "geometry" and "french". Over 90 students signed up and about 65 showed up for the orientation. Since it's online, they do not have to actually go to the school, although it is open during the day with a teacher there to help. I can tell you that yesterday (day 3), I saw 4 students... 3 of whom are masters in the art of screwing around. I'd like to believe that all of these students will be successful, but having watched them sit around for an entire school year, I don't really see any inducement for a flurry of work in 6 weeks. Perhaps they'll prove me wr…

In Review

On the last day of school, the College Board approved my syllabus. I was a little stunned - I thought for sure I had forgotten the all important research paper explaination, but I guess they decided that just a quick mention was all that was needed.

In looking back over the past year, the idea that seems most prominant is that it went by really fast! Although I'm very glad that summer is here, it still feels like I should be in March. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that from October until May it does nothing but rain. Arizona is looking really good these days, even if it is 176 degrees there.

The year did not start out well. Half of my AP class dumped the course when they found out that I was serious about the summer assignment. While this was going on, one of the other teachers suddenly found themselves having to take leave for the entire year. A total shake up of classes ensued and I ended up with a sophomore conundrum. Yes, they were the most annoying - but they wer…

The end of the year

This weekend I attended a couple of foster parenting classes. In one class, the presenter mentioned "the kids we're glad to see go" and it made me think about the students I'm glad to see go.

It's not the PC thing to admit that there are students you're happy to see go. It means you didn't reach them, you might have left them behind and you're just a bad teacher. However, I think that eventually every teacher has to get to the point where you realize that you can't reach every student. Sure, you can try... but you can't get to every single one.

By the time a student gets to high school, they can self-select out of that situation. I know there are a few students who beg to get out of my class every semester. "It's too hard" or "She's a bitch" or whatever excuse they give... they move themselves. For whatever reason, there are always those who don't. Some of them actually enjoy my class. All of their friends are in …


This year will be the first year my students will graduate (my middle schoolers aren't there yet) ... since they haven't really been in my classes for awhile, I didn't really think I'd be that emotional about it, but the night is here and I'm choking up writing this. It's not that I'll miss them (which I will), but rather that I'm so proud of them. So many have been smacked with sucky stick, and yet they're still going on.

One was awarded two 4 year scholarships! While supporting fully herself! Another got a football scholarship and is still on his way to becoming a doctor - I wonder if he can still spell Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis in under 30 seconds. I'm pretty sure he can still explain what it is... and I have yet to be able to pronounce it. The artists, the writer, the cheerleaders and the quiet girl; they're all so adult looking. And then there were the students who totally came through for me on the night of the show…


The show went on as planned and was well received. Those who attended seemed to enjoy it, anyhow. I was disappointed with the number of tickets that were sold and we didn't make quite enough money as I had hoped, but there should be enough to pay for the outstanding camp bill. However, it looks like we'll holding a car wash soon. The prep for the show was a blast! A former student volunteered to do the sound and he had everyone dancing up a storm just before we let people in.

My AP syllabus was submitted last week, as was the audit form. The audit form, however, has to be faxed in. So far, it hasn't been listed as "received" on their website. I'm hoping that it's just due to the rush of syllabi with the deadline looming last week. To be honest, I'm not sure my will be accepted. I think know that I forgot to make one requirement very plain and I'm not sure they'll figure out where it was to fit in. Either way, it's done for now.

As for everyt…

A fresh start

So, I'm trying to avoid thinking about the disaster waiting to happen show on Tuesday. I think I should have realized that I was paddling up the river when more than three people asked me if I was cancelling the show...

What better way to get your mind off your troubles than to redesign your blog and completely screw it up, thus taking at least 6 hours of work to fix, restore and redesign. I am the master of wasting time.

In the meantime, please note the Twitter box on the side. I heard about it on the radio the other day and had to check it out. It fascinates me - and because I'm testing new functionality for use in our school, I can access it all day long. I haven't figured out a good school use for it - yet! - but I'm still working on it. Especially fascinating is that BarakObama and Christ Dodd are using it. CNN is too, but I can see the use of instant news updates, but notes from the campaign trail? Interesting to read, but does it bring any value?

So far, the most …