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Call Me Coach

Apparently, I haven't been as busy as I've been writing about. Last week I was hired as the new Dance Team coach - just to add a few more responsibilities onto my daily list of things to-do. Or I may be in need of more money to support my shopping habit. Take your pick.

Actually, it sounds like a fun job. What's not to like? Dancing, music, costumes... it's all good, right? It took about two days before I started hearing complaints and drama starting. I haven't even made a try-out schedule or chosen anyone for the team yet. Now, I'm a little nervous. So I'm sending all call out to what remains of my readership... Do you coach Dance? Did you? Know someone who does/did who'd be willing to answer a few emails? Seriously, I need help!

Nearly a Month Gone By

We finished the reading and writing WASL. I guess my feelings about it can be summed up as "it was wack, yo!" I would really like to hit the rocket scientist in charge of the writing prompts for having all the students write for three days straight... data collection for some nebulous result was, of course, much more important that some 15 year-old's graduation potential. As long as the data was obtained (at a huge cost that will benefit three people), it's all good.

The year is winding down very quickly. Spring break is after next week (wooht!) and 2006-2007 registration will take place next week. The AP exam is in the middle of May, my AP syllabus is due in a few short months, my Pro-Cert is almost over, which means I need to create the mother of all power points. I also need to plan the Honor Society initiation ceremony, which will probably take place on a Monday night in May because of scheduling conflicts. And if I wasn't overloaded enough, I'm interviewi…

Spring Already?

This year is just flying by - I really haven't had any time for anything lately... it feels like all I do is grade papers! I don't feel like I'm assigning more essays, but everything just keeps piling up. Even when I'm caught up, I can still feel the paperwork calling me!

Next week starts the WASL. Will the students perform at a high enough standard? I really don't know. Last year, I was pretty pessimistic about it and the students performed admirably, so maybe I'm not such a good judge of what they'll do when their graduation is at stake. Of course, the current group is all set for the state legislature to bail them out and are still expressing surprise that the law has NOT changed to allow them to graduate without passing the WASL. Oy Vey!