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I'm done!

I'm officially finished with my pre-assessment seminar for the Pro-Cert program! Ok, maybe not officially... but enough that I can finally relax and sleep in tomorrow.

Springtime and annoyances are in the air...

Spring definitely needs to get here quick! Everyone going a little nuts with all this cold, rainy weather... and they're all really getting on my nerves!

Dance team tryouts took place last night - and that's all I have to say about that. It's done with and on with the fundraising. Yipee!

Ack! I lost a day!

This morning I got up ready to tackle the yet unfinished group things still hanging on the to-do list... namely the Dance Team Rules, Expectations and Try-Out information packets. However, I thought I'd check the email first. There must be something wrong with gmail because I can't reach it. However, in my attempts to access it, I stumbled across my calendar with plainly highlighted Friday. Now, I was fairly sure it was Thursday, but in checking the computer clock, it also said "Friday". (completely forgetting that the two are connected... pre-coffee) So, I started a slight panic. Friday? What happened to Thursday? Did I miss it? I don't remember watching CSI last night... In fact, I'm pretty sure I watching Criminal Minds. Isn't that on Wednesday?

For the next three hours I was totally bummed that my spring break was nearly over and I had accomplished almost nothing (I did take the dog out for a few walks). Crap... all that grading still left to do on w…

Have I shot myself in the foot?

umm... so the Dance Team coach has to take the team members to camp. The camp they usually go to is in July. July is generally reserved for summer school. How can I be in two places at once? Teaching summer school pays a LOT more than coaching and the camp is two/three days (time hasn't been set)... argh!