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Ignoring the Bad News

For the past two months, I’ve been trying to avoid the news, blogs, and articles about the state of education in America. If you listen long enough, there’s really no place to go but depressed. In the search for yet another scapegoat, teachers are getting hammered. The only solution everyone (but teachers) seems to have come up with is the teacher/Mother Teresa. In order for our children to get a quality education, all teachers must work 12+ hours per day (to make up for that long summer vacation), spend all weekends and vacations planning, collaborating with co-workers and tutoring students, leaving a few hours on Sunday for family and friends. Then, of course, there is all of the end of the year stress. Testing, testing, test. State tests, AP tests and year end monitoring tests. Then I get to collect and analyze all the data, deciding the elective fate of approximately 300 students. Oh the power! The power to refrain from stabbing myself in the eye.And… toss in a bit of planning for…

Kickin' butt and taking names

The month of April flew by... well, sloshed by quickly. I'd love have some exciting tales to tell, but mostly I avoided reading/thinking about education outside of my classroom. Really, it's just depressing. The constant barrage of so called "experts" railing against teachers, their benefits, summer's off, not teaching, not wanting to improve... etc.

To those who are now railing against the so-called "cadillac" benefits teachers recieve, I can only say... get your own union. YOU didn't want to pay the dues, YOU said you could do it yourself. YOU didn't. Don't come crying to me. Pay $100/mo in dues and maybe you too will start to see some benefits. Otherwise, bite me.

While I was off galavanting in my own little world... I applied for a technology grant. Didn't get it. Applied for the AP Fellows grant, go it! Finally, I will be attending a training session that is devoted to what I need. The first year I taught AP, my summer institute ses…