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Summer school and the living is easy

To be honest, summer school is somewhat boring. All of the lessons are pretty much scripted ("week 2, day 4") and most of the work is on demand so there is quite a bit of my wandering around while the students are working. On the plus side, I don't have to grade anything. I look at it and if it's what I asked for, the student moves on. If not, we chat about it and student has to re-do it.

Of course, I have one student who pretty much refuses to re-do anything. I've talked til I'm blue in the face. I've explained. I've given strategies. I've warned that this quality of work will not receive a passing grade. So far the student has remained firming in the camp of "I wrote something and put my name on it, therefore I pass". S/He even had the gall to tell me that writing a 5 sentence essay (vs. 5 paragraph) received an 'A' in the regular school year. It was really hard not to point out (again) that if S/He had nothing to learn or skill…

Summer is for Reading

The Carnival of Education went up yesterday at Scheiss Weekly - there is always something interesting and educational from fellow bloggers. And let's face it, what is summer for, if not for improving our teaching or discovering something new to bring into the classroom.

This week I started reading Effective Instruction by Jim Burke (whom I love and highly recommend). I haven't gotten very far because it's really dense with information. For a book with only 126 pages, there is a lot in there. I think the first four pages cover as much information as the first six chapters in my master's educational theory class. So far, so good.

Staples Stock Up Sale!

It's officially July! The summer stock up sales at Staples have started. I'm sure the back to school sale commercials will be soon blanketing the television.

This week it's 2-pocket folders, pencils and purell bottles for 1 cent. 1/2" and 1" binders for a quarter and retractable highlighters for free (rebate)!

Stock up now because the prices will soon be rising to their "Back-To-School-Sale" prices... which are not much of a bargain for those of us trying to keep over a 100 kids in school supplies for the year.


... the joys of daycare. Yes, the baby is at daycare for the rest of the week and it feels rather decadant. I know I'm home all day, but I have a lot of things to get done that would be better sans baby. Like, paint the kitchen (those colors have been chosen!) and maybe the living room; deep cleaning of the house; laundry; gardening, etc. It's a really long list. Plus, I need to install some baby gates. The baby is off like a rocket these days.

Anyways, I'm hoping to get some home improvement projects done this week before the summer school onslaught next week.

Summer Fun

For my week of freedom I've:
planted some vegismowed the lawndrove to Tacoma for a doctor's appointmenttook the baby to her first dental appointment (teeth [8] are great!)shopped at Wa**art, bought the baby new sandals and a huge can of thickening powderplayed in the pool with the babylooked a floor tile and countertops - no decisionsdecided the previous paint colors were not what I wanted; looked at new paint colors - no decisions (do you see a theme on this?)What shall we do this afternoon? Perhaps go to the park...