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Ah... the last week of summer school. Everyone, including me, is desperate to get out and leave this campus for a while. Unfortunately, many of the students will be back in a week to take the WASL. I just hope they remember to be at the school at 8 am - I know I would have to set the calendar reminder on my cell phone (great feature!) or be scrambling to get here at 9.

I've started planning for the upcoming school year. This year I have four preps. I'm not thrilled about it. However, since the administration doesn't see the difference between advanced courses and regular courses, here I am. I'm hoping that if I'm a bit more organized, I'll survive it. Of course, I say that every school year. This year, I have found a very nice pacing schedule for the AP class.

I have to say that I'm not looking forward to the start of school. Last year was a bit of a scandal and it doesn't seem to be dying down. One of the problems that small towns face is the never-endi…

Penny Sales

Starting today at Staples - various supplies for only one cent!

Pencil boxes, binders, folders, pencils and pencil sharpners... walking out with a bag of supplies for $2.35 is fantastic! Keep an eye out, because a whole new slew of goodies will be coming out next week!

Test Scores

AP scores are out - so far, I've only heard from two students... they did pretty well and I'm fairly happy. For those who didn't call/email me, I'm going to have to wait until this fall when the mail is finally opened by the counselors. I'm hoping that there will be some detailed information so I can see what was missed or didn't work and what did.

WASL scores are probably in that pile too, not that it will do any good. The only report that teachers get are the generalized "85% passed." Completely worthless. Worthless, because there is no additional information describing how or why they passed and how or why others did not. Did they barely pass? Pass with high scores? Got a great score on expository writing, but not so much with the persuasion? Are there any trends at all? How did they get from 55% passing in 7th grade to 85% in 10th? Suddenly started caring? Fantastic remedial programs? Who knows? I can tell you it's not the teachers!

This, of cou…

How I Spent My Holiday

At home, worrying about the dog. Poor Keavy was just freaked out. Unfortunately, we're a town that allows anyone to buy fireworks, so they were going off from 8 am to after midnight. I tried the beach but Keavy wanted to stay in the car. This is a dog who loves to chase birds. Seriously looses it when she sees them. She tries to get the birds sitting on the telephone wires (which is hysterical to watch) - and she wouldn't get out the car because of the fireworks. Why exactly we need to have fireworks at 1pm, I'm not sure. However, if you're male teenager, it must make perfect sense.

While watching the tv fireworks (without sound), the dog disappered. Following the sound of labored breathing, I found her huddled in the bathroom. A particularly bad sign, because she doesn't like bathrooms. To hang out in one by herself... yikes! I left her there. After about 20 minutes, the labored breathing stopped and I had fleeting thoughts of heartattacks and stroke. Luckily, sh…

Join me on Shelfari

I just joined Shelfari to connect with other book lovers. Come see the books I love and see if we have any in common. Then pick my next book so I can keep on reading.Click below to join my group of friends on Shelfari!
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