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Bad Day

Why is that midwinter brings about so many bad days? It must be semester change. I was so prepared for the semester change. I finished my grades early (!) and cleaned off my desk. (a student actually said to me today, "I didn't know that your desk was brown!" and this is her second year in my room).

And then he walked in. THAT student. The one that is going to drive you up the wall and down the other side. The one that makes you serious wonder why you are doing this crap for little pay and even less respect. And seriously, he's the one that makes you realize that really there is no amount of money that would make it worth it.

This is how I will be starting my day for next four months. Dear God, why have you forsaken me and why does the juvenile criminal system keep sending these kids back to our unsuspecting school population.

Add that to overpopulated classes, parents who don't want their child to have any skill interventions and looming budget cuts. Oh, and Natio…