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Read This!

Great post here. To bad policy makers won’t read it or grasp the meaning – they’re too busy figuring out yet another way to cut funding for schools, cities, roads and anything else not devoted for their exclusive use or mailing them a check.It’s amazing to me that someone can justify a multi-million dollar bonus for some financier hawking yet another scam as needing to pay a high salary to get the best, will in the same breath demand that the guy saving their life after an auto accident work for minimum wage… because they’re not in an accident every day.


The game... (if you're looking for scandal, there are tons of other educational scandal type blogs out there - Perdido Street School is always an interesting read)

This week has been a weird one. Subs two days in a row, a rumored late start for seniors (so only half showed up?!?), meetings and sick kids.. ok, maybe it's just par for the course. It did shake up my schedule a bit.

My senior class talked me into letting them play taboo. What can I say, it's a fun game and it can help develop vocabulary skills or at least improve their charade skills - they are really bad at charades. Anyhoo, while they were playing, I was really shocked to see how different it was to observe these seniors playing verses my reading class of freshmen/sophomores.

I use the game on Fridays with my reading class. It's kind of a reward for doing all the work during the week. Although my reading class students like to play the game - because any game is better than reading - they really struggle w…


Seriously, what the heck is going on!

I feel like I cannot get caught up no matter what I do! I know that part of it is having 4 different preps and doing RTI (actually, I've pretty much tabled that until I get my "day to work" at the end of the month - want it now? find me the time), but I am not the only who feels like there is just too much to do this year and not enough time to do it!

And I started talking to students today about doing Poetry Out Loud... I must be crazy.

I wish I could think of more to write, but to be honest, I just have too much grading to do to do anything else right now.

Media Manipulation

The other night, while watching the news, NBC ran yet another story comparing US schools to Finnish schools. Because they're so great and all... and I'm not going to disagree with that. Those video clips looked darned good to me!

The segment started with a sound bite from, the now infamous, Gov. Chris Christie complaining that since teachers hadn't "produced the product" wanted, they should be fired. Of course, the segment on NBC ended with a colorful graphic showing how US teachers are mostly stupid and Finnish teachers are all from the top of their classes; at least I'm pretty sure that was the intended message. We suck, they're great!

It also, however, mentioned some things that I've yet to hear anyone mention as a great new idea... like, THREE teachers per classroom! Two teach, one walks around helping those who need. Please note that the segment stated three TEACHERS - not aids, not volunteers. Imagine, three teachers in your own room? I'd neve…