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Fast Moving Month

Time really flies by when your sick, and your child is sick, and everyone else is snuffling around you... because all you think about is surviving to the next day. For my students it was somewhat of a holiday - they got to watch part of Monty Python's Holy Grail and were disappointed with my return. I felt the love. Actually, despite missing work, this semester has started out fairly well. My regular sophomore classes started working on WASL writing - and I found a way to tie it in to the Writer's Workshop. I did attend a session at the OSPI conference this January about using Writer's Workshop in the high school setting, with many practical ideas and handouts. So far, it's going well... but I'm still waiting for the final products. I have high hopes. Junior classes have to write a research paper this semester - we decided to change up the topic selection this year. We asked the students to take an issue from a book they read in the past. For example, if they really …