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You must be joking!

While volunteering today, I got into a conversation with a first grade teacher - we were discussing yesterday's Oprah with Rabbi Shumley on parents spoiling their children. It's one of the top 10 teacher conversation topics. Anyhoo... she told me that a parent had actually called her and started yelling at her because her first grader had come home and told her that they "had a field trip and went on a plane trip" and she had not given permission for the child to take a plane trip. Yah. We don't have enough money to buy all the supplies we need, but we do have enough to fly students around the country. This would be after another parent called the school to yell at the principal because a teacher had refused to allow a student to wear his coat home.


Kickin' Butt and Taking Names

School has been so busy this year - I thought that by the third year, I'd have some sort of system and be cruising along. Instead, I feel like I'm behind and running to catch up. I did get a nice complement from a student yesterday - during the club meeting (advisorship - new this year!) - the student said that I seem like I knew exactly what was going on and what needed to happen. Little did she know that I've been carrying over 100 essays around for two weeks and haven't graded any.

This weekend I'm volunteering all Saturday at a cross country meet, going to a play and hoping that on Sunday I'll get to spend the day at Barnes and Noble reading all the new books that have just come out and can't afford to purchase.