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The show must go on!

I finished my AP Lang. syllabus and submitted it to College Board for approval... in looking at it today, I think I missed a part. Oh, well. Even though the deadline is June 1st, apparently it's not a hard and fast date. All that has been said is that if it's not submitted before that date, it won't be printed in some special book they're putting out for colleges. My question is how important is that really? For example, NYU got 75,000+ applications last year... are they really going to check this book? I can see a computer program that checks it for the admissions person, but who knows when that will be available.

Anyways, it's done (for now)!

The fundraiser show is going to be interesting to say the least. Over half of the girls may or may not have dropped out. Four have actually told me personally... the others just avoid me and I really can't be bothered to track them down. If that's how they want to be remembered, I say "whatever." Anyways, we …

Going Green

A couple of weeks ago, my father installed a Outdoor Clothes Dryer... and I have to say that I'm loving it! I realize that in many communities, a clothesline is akin to proclaiming poverty, but there is something to be said about the fresh smell of air dried clothes. Not to mention that whites are naturally bleached in sun, thus reducing the amount of chemicals used in the home and poured down the drain. And, of course, there is the reduction in the electric bill. I haven't gotten my bill yet, but here's to hoping! (many people with children/lots of laundry have experienced a significant drop in their electric usage with the reduction of electroic dryer use.

Last year, when I first moved into my house, I discovered a stump in the back yard along the fence line. Several weeks later, I noticed that it had sprouted new branches. It looked like a Rhody, so I decided to just let it grow. Free landscaping is free landscaping, and who knew what it would become? Well, 13 months lat…


I haven't really been updating at all this year... too many things going on, I guess.

AP is nearly done. At least the students feel that it should be, since the test is next week. We'll have to have a discussion about that later. I really don't know how my students will do on the test. Everyone is asking how many will pass, but I really don't have a clue. Some of them are so hit and miss... others are just plain out there, but might-could if they buckled down. So far, my plan for next year is include a heavy concentration on vocabulary. For some, the multiple choice will be a killer because they're vocabulary level is so low that they cannot even use the process of elimination to find an answer. I may require more outside reading in hopes of increasing the vocabulary level or require more from a selected list (rather than the Princess Diaries).

The Dance Team has been selected and we're heading to camp in July. I'm scrambling for money and we're holding c…